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Un-Resolved Chronic Pain

Our Program

woman in pain Through a proper diagnostic evaluation and multi-modality treatment planning, help for chronic pain patients can be obtained. Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach to help patients reduce and learn to cope with their pain. The pain program consists of physicians, nurses, medical assistants and ancillary staff who are trained pain management professionals and deal with acute and chronic pain routinely. Following a comprehensive evaluation, this team develops a treatment plan and sets personal goals that address each individuals pain problem. Once this is complete, a member of the treatment team meets with the patient to review the treatment plan and start the road to recovery. (The physician performs non-invasive and/or interventional treatment techniques as needed.)

A chief complaint of pain sufferers is the feeling of not being themselves as a result of the pain. Psychological effects are always a part of the pain problem. Many patients with pain experience feelings of anger, depression, hopelessness or fear. Information on behavioral therapies including relaxation techniques, coping mechanisms, biofeedback, yoga, and stress management may be provided. Spiritual healing can play an important role in many patients' lives and is also encouraged.

Interventional Techniques

At Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, PA, we use the latest medical techniques to assist acute and chronic pain clients reduce or eliminate their pain levels. In a caring and supportive environment, State of the Art treatments are performed at North Point Surgery and Laser Center, Lake Worth Surgical Center or St. Mary's Medical Center. Various invasive treatments performed are:

Various invasive treatments performed are:

Un-Resolved Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is long lasting, persistent and often debilitating. If any pain does not go away in a reasonable period of time (i.e. 3-6 months), it becomes chronic pain, and requires different modalities of treatment. Chronic pain may result from a variety of causes including but certainly not limited to:


As physicians dedicated to the highly specialized field of pain management we are committed to providing quality, courteous, professional healthcare to our patients.


To enhance the overall quality of life to patients who suffer from debilitating conditions that affect their daily lives. We strive to develop a plan of care that improves our patients mental, and physical well being.